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Don't let the youthful twinkle in his eye fool you, Mark's journey in the world of second mortgages stretches back to 1983 at First National Securities. Mark started in the second mortgage industry at a time when it was just beginning to emerge from the shadows. Witnessing the evolution from niche products to mainstream solutions, Mark has become a cornerstone in the second mortgage industry, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

It was at First National Securities where Mark delved into the nuances of second mortgages, understanding their complexities and refining his expertise. During this time, Mark has developed close working relationships with all major lenders in the UK. As a leading authority on market conditions and product innovation, Mark is an industry expert. 

He became a trusted voice, sought after not just for his business acumen but also for his insightful understanding of market dynamics and his knack for predicting the next wave of innovation. Mark has been called on many times for his expertise in highly regarded second mortgage industry media outlets like Mortgage Solutions.

In a 2022 interview with Mortgage Strategy, Mark reflected on his long career highlights, stating his favourite memory was his time at CSC Loans when he was awarded the Best Secured Loan Broker title “three years on the bounce” at the Mortgage Strategy Awards.

Yet, Mark's life isn't solely defined by spreadsheets and loan agreements. His passion is with the South Downs National Park. Whether conquering its trails on foot or two wheels. But the story doesn't end there. His adventures all inevitably end with a pint of real ale and a tasty roast dinner in the warm countryside pub. 

Mark's multifaceted career encompasses his professional accomplishments and navigating, at times, complicated industry innovation. Whether you're seeking to revitalise your home, fuel your business ambitions, or simply gain greater financial control, our expertise and flexibility offer a gateway to a brighter future. 
Reach out to Mark and The Second Mortgage Company team today and start unlocking the possibilities that lie within your home's equity.

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