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Secured Loans For Bad Credit


It can often be difficult for borrowers with a bad credit score to be approved for a secured loan as they may be perceived as unreliable borrowers. Finding a trusted secured loan provider for those with bad credit can therefore be tricky. 

At The Second Mortgage Company, we are pleased to offer secured loans in the UK, even if you have a less-than-perfect credit score. Our loans come with flexible repayment terms ranging from 3 to 30 years to suit your financial plans.

We collaborate with a few specialised lenders who offer a variety of products for all kinds of situations. This includes people with bad or poor credit histories. You’ll be able to choose between fixed or variable interest rates, providing you with the flexibility to manage your repayments.

Our primary objective is to help you find the most affordable loan that fits your unique situation. We will consider your budget and individual requirements during the application process. This way, we can give you the most suitable solution.


What Is A Secured Loan Bad Credit?

A bad credit-secured loan allows you to borrow money while using your home as security. Essentially, if you fail to repay the money borrowed from a secured loan, you could risk losing your home. Though opting for a secured loan can give you more favourable terms from lenders.

These loans can be particularly beneficial for individuals who have struggled to maintain a good credit background. The Second Mortgage Company offers secured loans to those with all types of credit profiles, so feel free to contact us for more information on our secured loan options.


Secured Loans Bad Credit UK Rates

Secured loans for individuals with bad credit in the UK can have either a fixed or variable interest rate. This is similar to other types of loans, such as personal loans.

The interest rate you are charged will depend on several factors, such as the amount you borrow, repayment terms, previous loan applications and your credit history. As we collaborate with specialised lenders, we examine over 600 products with the aim to find the loan that best fits your personal circumstances and has the lowest interest rate on the market.

Typically, options may be limited when seeking a secured loan with bad credit in the UK. We will therefore do our best to provide you with the most cost-effective loan.

Before committing to any type of loan, it is crucial to understand the costs associated with it to ensure you’ll be able to make repayments on time. Failing to repay loans will simply further damage your credit score, making it even harder to be accepted for loans later down the line. Take a look at our secured loans quick quote calculator to determine the interest rates that may apply to your situation.





Pros & Cons Of Secured Loans For Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit score and are looking for financing options, secured loans may be worth considering. However, it's important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Pros of Secured Loans For Bad Credit

  • You can borrow more money than an unsecured loan.

  • Using your property as security can help secure funding even with a poor credit score.

  • Secured loans/homeowner loans usually have lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans due to the security.

  • Monthly repayments can be more manageable with a longer repayment term.

Cons of Secured Loans For Bad Credit

  • There is a risk of losing your property if you fail to make repayments on time.

  • Lenders may charge fees for early repayment or late payments.

  • The application process may be more complicated than an unsecured loan due to the property checks involved.


How Much Could I Borrow With A Bad Credit Secured Loan UK?

We offer borrowing options starting at £10,000 that are suitable for various situations. If you're looking to borrow less than £10,000 it may be worth considering an unsecured loan. The amount of loan you receive is decided by the lender and depends on various factors, such as your income, credit rating, property value, and equity in your property.

When applying for a bad credit secured loan, the lender will assess your ability to pay back the total amount before finalising it. Our lenders will also consider applicants with county court judgements.


How To Improve Your Credit Score After A Secured Loan

If you have bad credit, you might have taken out a secured loan previously. After you pay off the loan, there are some things you can do to improve your credit score. These include:

  • Make All Payments On Time - This is the most important thing you can do to improve your credit score.

  • Keep Your Credit Utilisation Low - This means using less than 30% of your available credit when using credit cards

  • Dispute Errors On Your Credit Report - If you can see any errors on your credit report, you should dispute them with the credit bureaus and or lenders.

Follow these tips to improve your credit score after a secured loan. This will make it easier to qualify for loans in the future.


Is A Bad Credit Secured Loan Right For Me?

Having a bad credit score can make obtaining a loan difficult. This applies to many people in the United Kingdom.

However, at The Second Mortgage Company, we specialise in providing secured loans tailored to people with bad credit. A secured loan is one that is backed by collateral, such as your home or vehicle. This implies that if you default on your loan, the lender can seize your collateral. Individuals with bad credit may consider a secured loan as it gives lenders confidence that the money will be repaid.

Secured loan products can be used for home improvement, debt consolidation, and personal needs. Our Second Mortgage Company secured loans come with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

So if you are seeking a loan and have bad credit, look no further. Contact us today, and we will assist you in obtaining the financing you require.

To determine the loan amount you may qualify for, you can submit an enquiry via our Get a quote form.

As a mortgage is secured against your home, your home could be repossessed if you do not keep up the mortgage repayments. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

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